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Greetings! I’m Punit, an Engineer by profession. By day, I engage in crafting applications, sculpting lightweight and scalable infrastructures, and delving into machine learning challenges at SAP, my current abode. During my off-hours, I immerse myself in the realms of web3, blockchain technologies, cultivate “pi-net” projects, tinker with Wi-Fi routers, intercept data packets, and experiment with all things electrically powered. My academic journey culminated in a Bachelor of Science - BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) from the distinguished University of California @ Berkeley in 2012. I share my life with Pepper (affectionately known as Mr. Pepper), my faithful companion of approximately 13.5 years.

In pursuit of channeling energies into meaningful endeavors, I seek to document and index significant facets of life on this very platform, steering clear of Xbox distractions.


Life Stories

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Interesting Stuff

Below, I present a compilation of my interests, accompanied by an expertly curated index of updated links. If you find these topics intriguing and enriching, consider contributing to ensure the sustenance of this self-sustaining website.

Programming Languages

Automation, Testing, Integration, Deployment

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Deployment (CD)


Systems Architecture and Design

Distributed Systems

Machine Learning


Web3 & Blockchain

Explore the Cryptoverse:

Open Hardware

Open Source Software

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Feel free to reach out and engage in discussions, collaborations, or simply share your thoughts!

Remember, knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.